Philip Glass "Orion"                                           Philip Glass "Hydrogen Jukebox"                     Gavin Breyers "Jesus' Blood"
Orange Mountain 21                                         Nonesuch 79286                                             Point 438823


Giovanni Sollima "Aquilarco"                              Newband  "Partch/Drummond"                        Harry Patch "The Wayward"
Point 28946                                                       Innova 561                                                      Wergo 66382


Zhou Long "Tales From The Cave"                     Wendy Chambers "12 Squared"                      Glen Branca "World Upside
Delos 3335                                                         New World 80526                                            down"  Atavistic 16.2


Philip Glass                                                         Prism Sax Quartet                                           St Thomas Boys Choir
"Naqoyqatsi"                                                      "Antiphony"                                                     "Easter on Fifth Avenue"

Giovanni Sollima
"Aquilarco Live"


                                                                                               Chou Wen-Chung                           Zhou Long                                   Andrew Sterman                          Eric Quin
"Echoes From The Gorge"                "Nature and Spirit"                        "Blue Canvas With Spiral"             "Photographs"
Echoes From The Gorge                      Ding                                            The Numinous                               Construction et Demolition

Anne LeBaron                                  Newband                                      Newband                                   Eleanor Cory                    
"Rana, Ritual & Revelation"               "Dance of the Seven Veils"             "Newband"                                 "Of Mere Being"
Rite of the Black Sun                          Dance of the Seven Veils                   Daphne of the DUnes                    Bouquet for Eight Players
                                                     Castor and Pollux                             Round Midnight

Brian Schober                                  North/South Consonance                 North/South Consonance             Dana Hanchard
"Music of Brian Schober"                   "Traveling West"                             "Elan"                                       "Dana Hanchard"
Stabat Mater                                     Messages                                       Bagatelle                                    October Victory

North/South Consonance                  North/South Consonance                  Alan Seidler                               Avian Orchestra
"Carnaval"                                     "Silhouettes"                                   "Music of Alan Seifler"                 "Fantastic Music"
Janus                                             Transformations #3                            In the Arc of Your Mallet                Fantastic Music for a
                                                                                                         The Mystic Trumpeter                    Fabulous Time

North/South Consonance                   North/South Consonance                  North/South Consonance             Steve Reich
"Sound Paintings"                            "Crosscurrents"                                "Expressions"                            "WTC/911"
O'Keeffe's Flora                                 Confractacion                                     Concerto for Ud                           Dance Patterns
Bao Jian and Hu Jian-Bing                The Prism Quartet                            North/South Consonance            Annea Lockwood
"Extension"                                    "The Singing Gobi Desert"                  "Water of the Flowery Mill"         "Immersions"
Snow of June
Taigu Rhyme

John Gibson
"Violet Fire"


"John Cage - I Have Nothing To Say and I Am Saying It"   (appearance)     (1990) Alan Miller

"Fast, Cheap and Out Of Control"                                                                         (1997) Errol Morris

"The Baroness and the Pig"                                                                                   (2002) Michael MacKenzie

"Naqoyqatsi"                                                                                                             (2002) Godfrey Reggio

"Secret Window"                                                                                                       (2004) David Koepp

"Taking Lives"                                                                                                            (2004) D  J Caruso

"Roving Mars" IMAX                                                                                                  (2006) George Butler

"The Reaping"                                                                                                            (2006) Stephen Hopkins

"Animals In Love"                                                                                                     (2007) Laurent Charbonnier

"Philip Glass - Music In 12 Parts" (appearance)                                                 (2008) Scott Hicks

"When the Dragon Swallowed the Sun"                                                                (2009) Dirk Simon

"Mr. Nice"                                                                                                                    (2010) Bernard Rose

"In Jackson Heights" (appearance)                                                                       (2015) Frederick Wiseman

Adele concert film for "Chasing Pavements"                                                        (2017)

"The Pattern of the Surface: Molissa Fenley Dance Co" (appearance)            (2020) Arturo Bejar
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